Our Vision

Supportive Environment

Walking through our door, you will find our attentive staff, dedicated to providing compassionate care in an accepting and nonjudgemental atmosphere. We realize reaching out for help can be an unnerving experience. Our care is centered around you by developing individualized treatment plans. We realize that the building blocks of change in psychotherapy start with an open and trusting relationship with your therapist. No matter the change you are seeking, whether it is known, or yet to be discovered, we look forward to supporting you throughout this process in a warm, collaborative environment.


Effective Treatment Strategies


After getting to know you, the next step is to clarify your problems and the possible ways to address them. In an essence, create an individualized treatment plan. Our licensed staff actively maintains their education on relevant topics to afford you the most innovative and researched solutions to date. We also make recommendations for additional services outside the therapy if it would be advantageous.

Collaborative Team Approach



Working as a team has many advantages. First, our depth and range of experience means we can connect with the best suited professional for your presenting problem. Second, our team collaborates daily to increase knowledge and education around relevant mental health issues. Finally, if more than one family member is being seen at our facility, upon your request, we are happy to collaborate to facilitate positive growth within the family system.